:Rules and info:

Thank you for your interest in remixing “STYLE” off my album MERAKi. The winner will be a part of the official remix album and will go on Spotify, iTunes, and all other platforms with the other official remixes. This remix album is featuring some amazing artists I have been fortunate enough to have join me on this release! To download the stems and get started, click the button to the left that says “download stems here” :)

Here is some info on the tune itself to help you remix to your full potential:

Key :  F Minor

BPM :  140 / 70

Turning in your Remix:

1.) PleAse make sure sure your remix is FULLY finished before turning in. Once turned in, no revisions can be made, this would cause extreme confusion for me and can get very unorganized. So please double check you are done before turning in :)

2.) Please turn in your remix NOT mastered, and fully mixed down and ready to be mastered. This way, if you win, i will already have the file and can pay for it to be professionally mastered for you :)

3.) Please send via a PRIVATE soundcloud link with the download option enabled..

4.) There are no rules for what BPM your remix has to be. Have fun and get weird!

5.) Turn your submission in to this email address only (please do not send me on facebook, instagram, soundcloud, or any other platform it will not be heard and will not count) - send to : partywave@partywavemusic.com

Label the HEADING of the email like so PLEASE:

STYLE ( ___ [your alias nam] ___ REMIX SUBMISSION)

Include links in the email to your socials, and how to contact you if you are the winneR

  • ALL Submissions are due on or before Sunday, December 30th at midnight PST

  • Winner will be announced by Friday, January 4th (maybe sooner depending on how many submissions)

  • Winner will also win one free merch piece from my website, and a one-on-one private hour ableton tips lesson, talk shop, etc (via internet if not in same area).

  • ALL submissions must remain PRIVATE not public until the winner is announced. Even if your remix did not win, you are free to post on your socials and soundcloud for free download so your fans can hear what you have created after the official remix winner has been announced!